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Upgrading to Windows 10: Important Dates and Reminders


Heads up, everyone! Windows 10 has now officially been deployed! If you’re one of the many who are just dying in anticipation to upgrade, better go through this article first to know what’s new, how you can upgrade and when you can start upgrading!


When can I start upgrading?

The quick answer to that is that it’s already available now! Microsoft has released a free upgrade to both Windows 10 Home and Pro editions last 29 July 2015, and it’s now available to anyone who’d want to upgrade to Windows 10 beginning 29th of July up until the same day next year.

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If you have an active Software Assurance benefit from a previous request from TechSoup Asia, upgrades to Professional and Enterprise versions of Windows 10 will be made available through your VLSC Accounts beginning 1 August 2015.

Take note, upgrading your Operating System through your Software Assurance will allow you to maintain the perks included with it, which isn’t the same case if you choose to upgrade via the first method.

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What versions of Windows are compatible with the upgrade?

All versions of Windows can upgrade to Windows 10, granted that your device meets the required specs and that the upgrade you’re looking for is already available. To learn more about this, kindly see the information below:

  • Windows 7/8.1 Pro/Home edition to Windows 10 Pro/Home edition: Windows 10 can be availed for free via the upgrades provided by Microsoft starting 29 July 2015. This free opportunity will be available up until the same day (29 July) next year.
  • Windows 7/8.1 Pro/Home edition to Windows 10 Enterprise edition: Enterprise upgrades aren’t available for free. These can either be acquired via your software assurance (if you have an active subscription) beginning 1 August 2015, or by placing a request for Enterprise licenses via TechSoup Asia. This is also applicable if you’re coming from an Enterprise version of Windows 7/8.1 or if you’re moving from an Enterprise version to a Professional version of Windows 10.
  • Windows Vista, XP and older; Non-Windows; AND/OR Unlicensed Operating Systems: These would no longer be covered by the free upgrades and must purchase a new license for Windows 10. Qualified organizations can request for Windows 10 licenses under charity pricing from TechSoup Asia.

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What’s new in Windows 10?

Microsoft’s latest operating system has a lot of new features to offer which can be easily appreciated by both techies and non-techies alike. The most prominent addition would perhaps be the return of a beloved feature, the Start button.


Bringing a sense of comfort, familiarity and efficiency altogether; the return of the start button is integrated with the tile menu setup of Windows 8.1. Simply, this means that aside from your usual start menu, you’d also see a compressed tile setup attached beside it, brining comfort from a familiar interface along with efficiency in navigating through apps as well.


In addition to the start menu, you’ll be welcoming the addition of Cortana, your own personal assistant. What Cortana brings to the table is an extremely personalized experience, as Cortana is able to track what’s important to you as you continue to interact with her. Not only that, you’ll also probably enjoy the cutting edge experience of creating emails, making Skype calls and other everyday experiences with the help of Cortana.

These are but just two new features that you can expect from Windows 10. For a complete list of what other new features await you, just kindly click here >>


Sound good? So what are you waiting for? Windows 10 is waiting for you! Go get your upgrades today from TechSoup via the following links: