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Introducing the TechSoup Boost Subscription Program

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Subscribe today for bundled services all year through Boost.

Boost is a new way of engaging with TechSoup — a subscription service that provides a collection of new and unique offers and savings and advance notice of upcoming product offers and specials.

With Boost, you receive a stream of special offers that help us put more of the tech and resources you want in your capable hands for less money over time. You drive — guiding us with wish lists and feedback — and we go out and work to find you what you need and connect you to value-added deals that you simply cannot find easily today. It's all about boosting your success.


What's Included?

Boost includes access to products and services in the TechSoup catalog with no admin fees, offers outside of the catalog, special discounts, increased influence in which products TechSoup adds to its catalog, and more.

See what Boost has to offer.


Is It Right for My Organization?

If you want to get the most out of your organization's IT budget, Boost offers you a new way of connecting to more and influencing the direction of TechSoup. Boost makes it possible to request select zero admin fee items, allowing you to obtain newsoftware at no cost to your organization. Advance notice of limited-quantity products and services will helpyour organization stay ahead of the technology curve.You'll also geta chance to provide feedback to help us understand what's best for the nonprofit sector.


How Does It Work?

Simply request the Boost subscription that fits your organization's budget. We'll send you a voucher code to use on a future request, and you'll be able to request zero admin fee items and special discounts (normal program eligibility rules apply).We'll also be in touch with you to get your input on future TechSoup offers and improve your profile in order to be eligible for more.


Subscribe Today

Become an early adopter of Boost and start saving on technology and providing your voice on what TechSoup offers. We'll also regularly add new products and features to Boost in the future, so the sooner you join, the more you'll save!

So, what are you waiting for? Find the Boost program that's appropriate for your organization and subscribe today!


Agreements appear during the check-out process for some products. The organization must agree to one or more statements in order for check-out to be complete. When organizations complete the check-out process for their donation request, they must accept the following agreements.

I agree to the subscription cancellation policy on the product page. I understand that TechSoup may request additional information about my organization to notify me when I qualify for new offers outside the TechSoup catalog.