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End of Fiscal Year and Your Donation Allotments

End of Fiscal Year

The end of this fiscal year (June 30) is coming in and fast! With a new fiscal year on its way, now is the best time to review, plan and sort out a budget for your ICT needs for the following year.

The end of a fiscal year also signifies the start of a new allotment for donors such as Symantec, Adobe, Bitdefender, Autodesk and Tableau. So, if you have already maxed out on your allowable licenses for these donors, don’t worry, by July 1 you’ll be then able to request for more licenses again!

Not sure how much licenses you can request from these donors every fiscal year? You can find out here: Donation Limits per Partner >>

On the other hand though, there are other implications brought about by the end and the beginning of a new fiscal year, these include:


Remaining donation allotments for previous fiscal year will not be carried over

Do you still have remaining donation allotments for Symantec, Adobe, Bitdefender, Autodesk and Tableau? Bear in mind that these will not be carried over or be added to your new donation allotments. However, you can still use these up until June 30 (granted that they are paid for not any later than June 30), and be provided with a new set of allotments the very next day – allowing you to double up on your allowed number of licenses!


Time to review license expirations

Were your antiviruses acquired through TechSoup? Both the Symantec and Bitdefender range expire annually. Take note that these subscriptions begin the day you paid for them and not on the day they were installed. That said, best review your licenses and check if they’re expiring soon. This way, you’re all prepared to renew them (done by purchasing the same licenses through TechSoup) by the time you’re provided with a new set of donation allotments by July 1st.

The same can be said for discounted Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions. The discounted rate is only good for a year and it begins on the day you’ve paid for these licenses. Unlike Symantec or Bitdefender though, your discounted Adobe Creative subscriptions will still continue past its expiry, however, you would then be paying for its normal monthly subscription rate from then.


Your Microsoft allotment is not affected

Unlike most donor partners, Microsoft’s donation allotment runs by a 2-year period that begins on the day you pay for your first Microsoft request. That said, these allotments will vary based on your organization. To learn how much more Microsoft licenses you can request for in your current 2-year period, just head on over to MS Donation Center under My Account.


All good? If you need more assistance on these, just let us know via or you can contact your designated in-country agent at Contact Us.