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Eventbrite: Planning and Managing Events with Ease


Managing and planning events can be a real challenge, most especially if you’re a little short-handed on resources, manpower or both! If you find yourself in a similar situation however, don’t panic! In this blog, I’ll be introducing you to our go-to tool when it comes to planning events; Eventbrite

From handling a mailing list, creating an event page and even sending out the invites; I know all of these seem to be both daunting and exhausting at first glance. But hey, with the help of Eventbrite, you’ll be able to easily manage all of these tasks under a single online dashboard!


Creating an Event Registration Page

For most events (most especially bigger or recurring ones), it’s traditional for the organizers to setup an event page where attendees can get a sneak peek of what’s to come, plus be it as well to get additional details on the event itself. But, if you’re a little short on time, resources, manpower or all of the above; setting up a dedicated webpage for your event might be really tricky.


With Eventbrite however, this previously long and daunting process will then be reduced to only about 5 minutes of your time. Armed with preset layouts, devising an event page in Eventbrite can be compared to the simple process of answering a survey sheet – it’s just a matter of providing details! That said, with Eventbrite, you can skip the intimidating demand of needing to know how to code. Instead, all you’re going to need are your event details such as your venue, time and date, a logo and a brief background; and you’re all set!


Is your event a private one? Don’t worry! Eventbrite provides you with privacy settings to allow you to limit who can both view and join the event. From a public page setting that allows virtually anyone to see it, to a private by invitation-only setup; feel free to choose whichever is appropriate to your event. But, if you’re looking to take your privacy settings up a notch, you can also password protect each of your events; requiring potential attendees to key in a password in order to view your event page.


Managing Your Tickets

Now that you’ve got an event page ready, time now to set up your ticketing system. For those of you who are not familiar with these, a ticketing system will be the best way to control attendance and also to track who will be attending. That being said, you can very well expect Eventbrite to have a built-in ticketing system that’s already integrated to your registration page.


Are you charging for tickets? Eventbrite provides a paid service to allow your account to charge for tickets. This allows you to link your event page to payment gateways such as Paypal to allow you to instantaneously collect fees. You can learn more about this paid service here: Paid Tickets >>


Breezing you through Eventbrite’s ticketing system; it comes with a built-in attendee survey form to help you gather your attendees’ details. This can include vital information such as organization represented, contact details and so on. But in addition, this can be customized to include additional fields as well such as dietary restrictions or preference of communication. All in all, this is a valuable tool that can help you gather the necessary information to help you plan your event well.


Managing Your Invitations and Mailing List

Now that you’ve got your tickets and your event page ready, the only thing left is to promote your page and get those registrations in. To help you do that, Eventbrite also allows you to develop your own electronically distributed invite and be it to manage your own mailing list, straight from its very own platform.


Starting off with invitations, Eventbrite provides you with the convenience of preset layouts for your EDM’s. In a click of a button, you’ll find that everything is already prepared for your checking! From the layout of the invite itself, to the event details and even up to a brief description of your event; all that’s left is for you is to edit, confirm and to send it out.

As per your mailing list, you can simply import one straight from an excel document; making it really convenient for you to handle a list of possible contacts. But beyond that, what’s rather impressive about Eventbrite’s mailing list is its tracking system. For every mailout you send, it actually tracks which ones have been sent, remained unopened, opened or have been reported as SPAM.


Topping that, you can also filter your mailing list, allowing you to send another invite to perhaps those who haven’t opened your mail yet, or perhaps a reminder to those who have already. But mainly, this tracking gives you an impressive overview on how your email campaigns are doing, and most of all, to avoid you from spamming potential attendees!


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From all the features that we’ve already gone in to, would you believe it that there’s actually still more to Eventbrite? As unbelievable as it may sound, there are in fact a ton of other features that you can still explore. But, case in point, Eventbrite is an all-around event-planning tool that can help simplify these previously grueling tasks.

So, if you’re looking at hosting an event in the near-future, better head on to Eventbrite now for a free account: