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Coming Soon: Facebook Shop Section

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Social media’s role in e-commerce has grown to new heights as of late, with Facebook leading the group as the most preferred reference of most users for their purchase decisions. Working on this new trend, Facebook has been testing out a new shop section among currently established like pages – and we were lucky enough to be one of them!

Giving you an idea on what you can look forward to in the future, here’s a quick glimpse to the Facebook Shop section and how it can help your nonprofit!


Feature your products directly through Facebook

If your organization is currently running programs related to selling goods, the Shop section in Facebook is one feature that you should definitely look out for.

The Shop section works as an additional tab in your like pages, allowing you to directly showcase physical products that your organization is selling. Placed just right above your status/message text box, the Shop can be easily viewed by both you and your audience.

Shop Section Timeline.jpg

*Tip: Optimum size for product image is 350 x 350 px

When being viewed directly from your timeline though, it will be formatted as a short strip which can feature your 3 most recently added products. All in all, your shop can feature a total of 10 products that you’re currently selling.


Some advantages to look out for

Not sure why you should take advantage of the Shop section? Here are some cool reasons on why you should start planning for it:

  • Easy and free

Your shop section – if already available to your account – can be set up in just a matter of minutes, and it can also be done by virtually anyone, as it comes as easy as editing your profile. In addition, establishing a Shop section is entirely free as well, allowing you to capitalize on your growing following in Facebook, without having to invest money on ads!

  • Dedicated insights and boosting

Looking to do some market research on your products? Facebook’s Shop section provides its own dedicated insights for each of your products. This allows you to see which products are most popular based on views and number of queries sent through messenger. 

dedicated boost and insights.jpg

Tying in with each product’s dedicated insights and query messenger, Facebook Shop also provides a dedicated visibility Boost option for each product. So, if you’re looking to invest money on ads, you can choose to do so wisely through the ability of choosing which products you’re willing to pay to be promoted through ads.

  • Update instantly

Released new products lately? You can add products to your shop easily in just a matter of minutes! In addition, you can instantly have this published to your timeline for additional visibility.

Take note, each product you add will need to undergo approval first. The review can be as quick as a few minutes or may take an entire day. However, your product will immediately be published to both your Shop and your timeline (if you choose to), once approved. To learn more about the guidelines on approval, kindly click here >>

Tip: Currently, only physical products can be posted in your Shop


A few things missing

Though what we have now is initially just a test run – which is still subject to improvement – we’ve found some features that might be really helpful, if added on the official launch.

  • Direct payments

As of now, the Shop section in Facebook can’t currently accept payments directly. Instead, what the Shop section does alternatively is to promote buyers to engage directly with the shop owners. This can be done easily through the dedicated messaging system found on each product. Still, it would be quite convenient as well to have the option to pay directly via Facebook.

  • No hyperlinks in product text

One of the initial inconveniences that we found though was the complete inability to embed hyperlinks in product descriptions. Though seemingly simple, this little tweak though can play a big role in allowing potential buyers to learn more about the product. On the other hand, it also makes responding to queries more convenient through adding links to FAQ articles, if you're the shop owner.

Regardless of these two simple limitations, the Shop section already has a lot of promise in it, and is something we’re really excited for you to explore on once it’s made available to your account!


Creating your own Shop section

As it is currently undergoing tests, the Shop section may not be immediately available to everyone. To learn how to check if it already is, just see if there’s a +Add Shop Section link right beside your tabs. If there is already, then just visit this link for the step by step tutorial on adding a shop >>

Add Shop Section.jpg


Achieve more with social media

Looking to achieve more with your social media accounts? If it’s in terms of e-commerce, Twitter has already launched the added ability of selling products directly. So, if you’d like to set that up for your organization’s Twitter account, just feel free to visit this page to learn how >>

Regarding Facebook, there are in fact a ton of other features that can also help you. To get a breeze through on these features, do read through our previous article: Must Try Facebook Tools for your Nonprofits >>

In addition to the Shop section, Facebook is currently testing a donate button which would surely create a huge impact among nonprofit pages. To learn more about that, just click here >>