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Going Paperless with DocuSign

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From leave requests to reimbursements and everything in between, we all know how much work is required when such common admin documents are still processed on paper. What’s even worse, these documents can also be causes of inefficiency as these not only cost us money to print, but they can even get lost afterwards.

With DocuSign, we can all bid these inconveniences goodbye. As a cloud-based tool, DocuSign can allow you to develop a paperless approval system that can be used to improve such admin work. Through DocuSign, not only will you not have to worry about these documents getting lost or damaged, but you are also able to save precious time and money that you would usually spend on a paper-based system!


Now Available in TechSoup

DocuSign is now offering its Standard and Business Pro versions to qualified organizations in TechSoup Asia-Pacific. Through both versions, your organization is provided with its own DocuSign storage that can hold your documents, reusable templates for developing your own forms and even status reporting to track whether these documents have been received, signed or sent back already. In addition, DocuSign provides you with the flexibility of working and receiving documents from any device including laptops, desktops, tablets and even mobiles.

For Business Pro versions, you are provided with the extended feature of embedding documents on websites and sending documents (and tracking) to large number of recipients.

You may learn more, or request for these products through here:

If you want to learn more about DocuSign’s donation’s & discount program, you may view their program guidelines here.


DocuSign user guide

Going paperless is quite easy! Learn how to send out documents & create simple online forms with DocuSign here:

How to send Documents for signing:


How to create your own document template: