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Google for Nonprofits: Now Available in Asia!

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Amazing news everyone, Google for Nonprofits (G4NP) is now available in over 10 different countries all across Asia! In partnership with TechSoup, Google for Nonprofits has expanded its reach to cover all six countries covered by TechSoup Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia) alongside Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and Macau.

Globally, Google for Nonprofits is active in over 41 different countries including the 10 new countries in Asia.

Early this July, Google formally announced their launch in an event in Malaysia. Joining them in the monumental announcement was Raj Ridvan Singh, CEO of SOLS 24/7 – a partner NGO of TechSoup Asia in Malaysia.



What’s Available?

Through G4NP, qualified organizations can access a variety of services which include the following:

  • Google Ad Grants

A unique offer to qualified nonprofits would be a grant of USD 10,000 worth of free ad words; allowing your nonprofit to develop specialized ads that will help make your organization or program easier to find during Google searches.


Not familiar with ad words? These are basically the ads that come up whenever you do Google searches. These ads are triggered by words (or combination of words) that serve as keywords. So if somebody so happens to include your keywords in his/her Google search, you can expect your ad to be at the results.

Want to learn more about Google Ad Grants? Just feel free to click here >>


  • Google Apps for Nonprofits

Google Apps is a collection of cloud-based applications that will definitely help you work more efficiently! Prominent features of Google apps include your own customized business domain via Gmail, the freedom to collaborate on documents online and through whatever device via Google Docs, and also a safe online repository of files through Google Drive.

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  • YouTube Nonprofit Programs

Helping you share your nonprofit’s story would be the YouTube for Nonprofit features. Included in this would be an increased capacity to upload videos, a donate button in your YouTube channel, premium branding features and even additional resources for some useful tips and tricks in sharing your story.

Want to learn more about YouTube for Nonprofits Program? Just feel free to click here >>



How Do We Sign Up?

The G4NP program is a direct donation made by Google, and requests for it would not be placed through TechSoup Asia. To begin your request, a Gmail account would be needed to sign up or log in through this link:

Though the request for the G4NP features isn’t coursed through TechSoup Asia, validation of your organization’s eligibility for it would. In that light, a qualified TechSoup Asia account would be necessary in order for your organization to acquire your validation token.

For more information on the G4NP program and how you can sign up for it, feel free to visit our FAQ page by clicking here >>