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Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities


With today’s technology, limitations set by disabilities are slowly being torn down. From enabling people with varying disabilities to overcome their physical boundaries up to making these solutions more affordable and more accessible through emerging cost-effective solutions; we could truly call these as not just assistive technologies, yet more appropriately as transformative, as these technology solutions have truly helped in transforming the lives of our fellows with disabilities.

Continuously pouring support on using technology to help people with disabilities, Google had just recently opened an exciting challenge to fund innovative technology solutions to help people with disabilities, and this challenge is open to amazing nonprofits such as yours!

Through the Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities, Google is putting a whopping USD 20 million in grant funding to help you further your nonprofit’s innovative solution towards helping people with disabilities. Google’s open call for idea submissions is good only up until 30 September 2015 (Wednesday) at exactly 2:00 PM Pacific Daylight time, so please do send in your awesome ideas now via this link: Google Impact Challenge Application Form >>

(L) Enable Community, (R) World Wide Hearing (2).jpg

To start things off, Google has in fact already provided substantial grants to a few nonprofits already. The Enable community was already provided with over USD 600,000 to help them further their innovative solution of developing affordable prosthetics through 3D printers. Also, World Wide Hearing has also received a substantial grant of USD 500,000 to help them develop an affordable tool kit for hearing loss through smartphone technology, a solution that will soon be available mostly in developing areas.

(L) Enable Community, (R) World Wide Hearing.jpg

So, what are you waiting for? If your nonprofit has an amazing idea or a pre-existing project that’s focused on using technology to assist people with disabilities, please do submit a proposal today! Who knows, you might be well on your way to creating an even greater impact with the help of Google!


Looking for other Google grants?

Google is also providing a substantial technology grant to nonprofits through their Google for Nonprofits program. Through it, qualified nonprofits can gain access to an Adword grant worth USD 10,000 and also to premium YouTube services and Google Apps to name a few. You can register today by signing up via this link: Google for Nonprofits registration >>