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Involver: Volunteering made easy (and fun!)

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Volunteers are like diamonds in the rough, they are just hard to find. For some nonprofits, usually the bigger and established ones, they would normally have a pool of willing volunteers whom they have worked with already, and are eagerly waiting to help again at the drop of a hat.

However, what happens if you don’t have that luxury? What is there to do when your initial email blasts and social media posts were only able to draw out tumbleweeds instead of actual responses?

Enter Involver, a social network for iOS and Android that connects nonprofit organizations directly to a pool of willing volunteers. Alternatively, if you’re a volunteer, Inolver can allow you to easily discover nearby events that are looking for people just like you!

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Promote your organization, event and cause

If you’re a nonprofit, Involver provides you with the perfect platform to promote over three things at once: your organization, your events (that would need volunteers, of course) and your organization’s particular causes (education, youth, etc.). Unlike social media though, Involver promotes your organization and events directly to a pool of willing volunteers, whether they are based in your country or overseas!

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So if you have got an event coming up, better head on to Involver and set your organization profile up today, and be surprised how quickly volunteers would fill in those much needed manpower with just a tap.

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Find the right volunteers and vice-versa

Sometimes it’s not the lack of volunteers that is the problem, but more on providing the right tasks to your volunteers. Meeting your pro bono superheroes prior to the event is a good step, but sometimes, you, or the volunteers themselves, don’t have the time to make that happen.

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In Involver, you would be able to plan ahead even without having to meet the volunteer. How? In their profiles, each volunteer is asked to identify their particularities, both in terms of the causes that they support and also the set of skills that they have (err, not those, Liam Neeson). In addition, each Volunteer is also earmarked with levels, from bubbly Newbie to awesome Ninja, based on the number of hours each have already put in.

Through the levels and skills part in their profiles, you will be able to gauge how experienced your volunteers are and also to properly designate tasks that perfectly fits the skillset of your volunteers!

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Volunteering made fun and easy

On the other hand, if you’re a volunteer, Involver gives you the convenience of allowing you to find opportunities for you to showcase your skills for good – be it in nearby events, or for causes that you personally support. In addition, this also allows you to discover fellow volunteers like yourself in the area.

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Making the experience a little more fun is the chance to earn badges by achieving certain challenges. In addition, just like your video game heroes, you get the chance to level up every time you volunteer!

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Don’t want to work alone? Don’t worry! You can easily share events directly with just a tap. Whether it’s mailing a direct link to a friend, or by sharing it on social media, Involver allows you to conveniently tap into the potential of your networks with just an easy tap!


Get Involved today

Is your nonprofit interested in using Involver? Set up an organization profile today by heading on over to or you can contact them directly at

Are you a volunteer? Begin your quest to achieving that coveted Ninja Volunteer status today, and download Involver for your Android or iOS apps here >>