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TechSoup Launches in Korea

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Annyeong haseyo, Korea! This past 30 June 2015, TechSoup has now formally launched a new platform catering for Korean nonprofit organizations! With tremendous support provided by in-country partner, NPO IT Support Center, nonprofit organizations in Korea can now access a variety of software donations provided by Microsoft and Box.


What’s Available?

Currently, TechSoup Korea offers donations from two donor partners. These include long-time TechSoup partner, Microsoft, and cloud storage provider, Box.

Starting off with Microsoft, qualified organizations can now access a long list of software donations which include notable, household names such as Windows operating systems, Office suites and a variety of Microsoft servers to name a few. In addition, qualifying for Microsoft software donations through TechSoup Korea also pre-qualifies nonprofits for special Office 365 for nonprofits subscription plans, allowing them to get an E3 plan for a discounted USD 4.50 per month, or the entire E1 plan for free!Custom(6).png

Alongside Microsoft, cloud storage provider, Box, also provides special subscriptions for nonprofits via TechSoup Korea. Through TechSoup Korea, qualified nonprofits can access Box Starter Editions for a special a charity price. Box Starter Edition is inclusive of 10 perpetual user licenses with a capacity of over 100 GB of storage. These licenses can allow users to store files with also a maximum capacity of 2 GB each.


Who’s Eligible?

Korean nonprofit organizations that meet the following eligibility standards:

An organization must be an organization operating on a Non-Profit and Non-Governmental basis for public benefit purposes and eligible to receive tax-deductible donations under the Enforcement Decree of the Corporation Tax Act (법인세법시행령), including the following:

  • Organizations registered in accordance with the Assistance for Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organizations Act (비영리민간단체지원법); Public Service Corporations (공익법인) established in accordance with the Act on the Establishment and Operation of a Public Service Corporation (공익법인의 설립ㆍ운영에 관한 법률);
  • Social Welfare Foundations (사회복지법인) authorized in accordance with the Social Welfare Services Act (사회복지사업법); Social Cooperatives (사회적협동조합) and Social Cooperative Associations (사회적협동조합연합회) authorized in accordance with the Cooperative Framework Act (협동조합 기본법);
  • or organizations operating on a non-profit basis for the public benefit with one of the following Business or District License Codes reflected on the Non-Profit Organization Tax Registration Number Certificate (고유번호증): 82 Head office and branches of a non-profit corporate entity, and 80 Religious group entities.

In addition to the criteria above, eligible organizations must also operate on a not-for-profit basis and have a mission to benefit the local community that could include, but is not limited to:

  • Providing relief to the poor
  • Advancing education
  • Improving social welfare
  • Preserving culture
  • Preserving or restoring the environment
  • Promoting human rights
  • Establishment of civil society

However, any organization that does not meet the criteria outlined above for eligible nonprofit missions is ineligible for Microsoft nonprofit programs. Ineligible organizations include, without limitation:

  • Nonprofit organizations that have not obtained recognized charitable status in their respective country;
  • Governmental organizations or agencies, including international governmental organizations and United Nations Entities.
  • Schools, colleges and universities. These formal educational institutions are eligible through Microsoft academic volume licensing programs and are not eligible for Microsoft Nonprofit Programs, including nonprofit schools.
  • Healthcare organizations included in Microsoft Health Programs are ineligible for Microsoft Nonprofit Programs, including hospitals, healthcare networks, health plans, ambulatory/outpatient healthcare organizations, nursing homes/assisted living, home healthcare, and health research organizations and laboratories. Exceptions include independent nonprofit organizations with the following missions: community, behavioral and women’s health clinics; hospices; emergency services; and blood, tissue and organ banks.
  • Professional, Commerce and Trade Associations;
  • Sponsorships of events, tables, exhibitions, or performances;
  • Fundraising events such as luncheons, dinners, walks, runs, or sports tournaments;
  • Political, Labor, and Fraternal organizations;
  • Refurbishers that will be installing the donated software on refurbished computers to be distributed or donated to nonprofits or schools.
  • Individuals.


How to begin?

Excited to get your nonprofit to qualify for Microsoft and Box donations? Well, what are you waiting for? Prepare those documents now and start creating your account at

If you happen to need assistance, our local agent Ethan will be there to help you out! You can contact Ethan by shooting an email at or dropping him a line at 070-4167-5115.