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Fiscal Year 2016 in Review

Fiscal Year in Review

Like sequels of a movie, we go by the same principle of offering more every time. That said, we always strive hard to find more ways of helping you every new fiscal year (FY), be it through adding new donors, new offers and hey, may even be in reaching new countries.

Looking back at the previous FY however, it is truly amazing to see what more actually entails. From a numbers-based perspective, TechSoup Asia-Pacific – to date – has been able to reach out to over 2,243 organizations across 6 Southeast Asian countries, and, have been able to donate 25,039 licenses that’s collectively worth US$ 8.6 million.

But going beyond the numbers, the previous FY has truly been a momentous one for TechSoup Asia-Pacific, from a global expansion, to doubling the number of donors, and everything in between, TechSoup has truly achieved more this past FY, through your support!

Before we go full-steam ahead towards the new fiscal year and what excitements await us then, let us first take a look back and celebrate what we have achieved together in the year that was.


TechSoup’s Global Expansion

By far our biggest achievement to date, this past fiscal year stood as the stage for TechSoup’s successful expansion to cover from 112 to now over 196 countries worldwide (43 in Asia-Pacific). Today, NGOs all over the globe can now access technology donations from some of our biggest donors including Microsoft, Box, Tableau and Bitdefender. In Asia, this global expansion has included countries that we have had growing demand for in the past such as Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar, Laos and, most importantly, China. Through this expansion, not only are we able to help even more organizations, but also, more communities in virtually almost all corners of the world.

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Want to check if your local country office is now covered by TechSoup? Feel free to check for the local TechSoup program here:


All aboard, new donors and offers

This past year, we have not only been able to cover more countries, but more importantly, we have been able get more donors to help our cause. Starting the previous fiscal year on a high note, we, from TechSoup Asia-Pacific, had launched multiple donor programs including Box, Boost and the much awaited Google for Nonprofits, all in just the first month of the previous FY.

new donor partners

The stream of new donors did not stop there though, as it was soon followed by the launch of even more donors in the months that followed. These new donors would include Tableau and its data analysis and visualization tool in November; Adobe Creative Cloud‘s Photography Plan last February, Autodesk and its design suites last March, and most recent of all, Bitdefender and its security apps this past May 2016. All in all, any organization can now qualify and request from as many as 10 tech donors through TechSoup Asia-Pacific, that’s more than twice as much donors compared to the previous FY!

Excited to get these new offers for your organization? Learn how you can request or apply for them here:


A new dedication to learning

This past FY, we have delivered an array of new learning content as well that ranges from blogs in local languages, animated video tutorials, and even our first two webinars dedicated for the TechSoup Asia-Pacific network alone. Starting off with the blogs, this past FY has seen its fair share of blog entries in localized languages such as Bahasa Malay, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese. In addition, dedicated newsletters for both Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese and even Thai, are now available as well, all to help make our content more accessible for you.

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Following the new trend of developing video content, we have also developed our initial set of video content that you can now access in TechSoup Asia-Pacific’s YouTube page. These include our first two dedicated webinars that tackled the basic overview of TechSoup and its services, and, a basic course on Facebook Marketing. In addition, you can also access there an initial set of tutorial videos on applying for donations and requesting for software, and also, a series of minute-long videos that will help you understand tricky tech concepts which we call Tech Made Easy.


An event-ful year indeed

Last but not the least, this fiscal year has been somewhat the busiest to date. From these past few months alone, TechSoup Asia-Pacific has teamed up again with Microsoft Philanthropies to host Technology 4 Good events across the region. These events included full-day conferences in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, along with series of events that spanned months in the cases of Indonesia and the Philippines. In the case of the latter, TechSoup Asia-Pacific and Microsoft Philippines delivered a series of events that included two conferences in two major cities, 3 hands-on trainings and a 3-part webinar series, that all spanned from March to May.

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In addition, we have also delivered half-day trainings outside of our local major cities including a Nonprofit Marketing Basics in Naga City, Bicol [Philippines] this past 1st of April and a Technology Basics Training in Georgetown, Penang [Malaysia] last 4th of May. On a similar note, a similar event was held in Yogyakarta [Indonesia] last 28th of August, which focused on Design Thinking for Social Movement.

Last but not the least, who could also forget the amazing opportunity that was the Storymakers contest. From April to May, we (as a global network) have embarked on a quest to look for the best nonprofit story told through video or photos. In line with this quest, amazing free resources on digital storytelling were also provide, all of which you can still access today. These include helpful webinars and even a free story-telling short course.


All in all, these are but just bullet points in what was our most momentous year to date. With such amazing support coming from you, and most of all, with such an impact made in just one year – only time will tell what more we can achieve together, in this year ahead of us.