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SQL Server is relational database server software offering tools for data storage, management, analysis, and reporting. It can be used as a back-end database server for internal applications or for powering a dynamic website.

You can use this guide to help you find the SQL Server edition and licenses appropriate for your organization's needs.

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With a long list of features that nonprofits can possibly acquire for free, Office 365’s capacity to boost any nonprofit’s productivity and efficiency is truly undeniable. But with lingering questions related to the planning and implementation, a handful of nonprofits continue to hesitate in jumping to it.

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Microsoft Windows 8 is here! Eligible not-for-profits and charitable organisations can now request donated copies of Windows 8 through the TechSoup Asia program.


What’s New in Windows 8?

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TechSoup conducted a Global Survey in 2012 to learn more about how nonprofits, libraries, foundations and all types on NGOs use traditional and cloud-based technology. More than 10,593 individuals from 88 countries participated.


So you need software to help with project management. Great! But wait... What do you mean by project management? Do you need to map out project plans and schedules? Collaborate on documents? Track tasks? Time? Documents? Issues?

By: Chris Peters
September 22, 2009

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This article was adapted from TechSoup's MaintainIT Project, an effort funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to gather and distribute stories around maintaining and supporting public computers.

Windows Server is a server operating system that enables a computer to handle network roles such as print server, domain controller, web server, and file server. As a server operating system, it is also the platform for separately acquired server applications such as Exchange Server or SQL Server.

You can use this guide to find the Windows Server edition and licenses appropriate for your organization's needs.

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