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Overcoming Hardware Problems

Chumbhot-Pantip Foundation
"Services and donations from TechSoup Asia [are] very good." -Nattawat Srisuprarak, Chumbhot-Pantip Foundation


The Chumbhot-Pantip Foundation is a multi-faceted nonprofit based in Bangkok, Thailand. Generally, the foundation dedicates its efforts in providing assistance to a variety of individuals such as students and patients. Subsequently, it also helps to support various institutions such as medical, educational, environmental and those that support archaeology, agriculture and Thai culture as well.

Through TechSoup Asia, they were able to receive a variety of software ranging from the basic operating systems and office suites up to the more specialized creative suites and anti-viruses. Today, their member Nattawat Srisuprarak shares that these are being used by the foundation to help in varying aspects of their work including document management and communication. 

55 copy.jpgThough the foundation was mainly relying on older PCs, Nattawat shares that they were still able to upgrade their I.T. system by starting with their software instead. Amidst their limitations, Nattawat says “[the] services from TechSoup Asia were able to help in our work even then”. 

When asked about the entire experience, Nattawat says “TechSoup Asia helped this foundation. [TechSoup Asia] gave us access to new applications and prices are not expensive. This made the management of documents and communication within the organization more developed”. Further emphasizing the improvements in their organization, Nattawat shares “By helping the foundation, we’ve developed to be able to work faster and more efficiently”. 

Of course, the foundation’s PCs can only go so far and Nattawat opens that they are yet to fully maximize the services of TechSoup Asia. But regardless, Nattwat shares “Services and donations from Techspoup Asia [are] very good”.