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Office 365 Email Migration – 1 Mailbox

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14 USD
SKU: G-52364

Office 365 Email Migration – 1 Mailbox is a TechSoup service that migrates a mailbox to Office 365 after the initial setup has been completed.

This offer provides a migration for moving between 1 and 24 existing on-premises or cloud-based email boxes to Office 365. Request one of this offer for each mailbox you want to migrate, up to 24.

For example, if you need to migrate 10 mailboxes, request 10 of this offer.

To prepare for your migration, you will also need to request Office 365 Email Migration – Initial Setup.

About Office 365 Email Migration – 1 Mailbox

This service allows your organization to migrate up to 24 mailboxes to Office 365. The service includes migration of email boxes to Office 365 as well as contacts and calendars, if desired. A project schedule will be managed for tracking migration progress.

This service does not include re-creating or rearranging email folder structure; manually migrating tasks and flagged emails; support for third-party software or Office applications (such as Office Add-ins for Outlook); or troubleshooting that is related to hardware, software, or Internet issues.

This is offer is only inclusive of migration servies, Microsoft cloud licenses are not included. To request for Microsoft cloud licenses, kindly click here for our full selection of nonprofit subscriptions.

If You Need To Migrate More Than 24 Mailboxes

If you need to migrate 25 or more mailboxes, kindly request for a free Office 365 Email Migration – Consultation so you may explore your options with our experts.

Choose Carefully

The administrative fee for this product is not refundable, and the product cannot be exchanged.

Obtaining This Service

When TechSoup approves your request, we will send a confirmation message to your organization email address. Within four business days, a TechSoup Services representative will contact you to provide this service.