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Improving Nonprofit Fundraising Promotions & Grant Writing (and let's add Reporting too!)




Sustainability is, and has always been, a vital concern for nonprofits. Particularly now when the pandemic has created limitations – if not wiped out – on most traditional sources of funding. As we head towards the holiday season, a time typically known for giving, it would be good to make the necessary preparations to help boost your promotions for your marketing campaigns, or for that grant your team is aiming for.

P.S. Additionally, we’ll throw in a few tips and tools on reporting too because we all know that grants and fundraising mean tons of reports.


Fundraising for Nonprofits

Do you need a full run through on how to approach your nonprofit’s fundraising more effectively? This course is designed to give you the full walkthrough on the essential preparations you need to make such as how to evaluate, choose and implement the right fundraising system for you, learning how to create digital fundraiser invitations, and track specifically to help you create captivating stories for your campaigns.

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Grant Writing and Management

Preparing and getting approved for grant funding can be a very demanding task. From conducting the necessary research to assessing whether your nonprofit is prepared for the project, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. In this 5-track online course, you’ll learn from experts on how to properly prepare, assess and deliver proposals, not only effectively, but in as efficient a process as possible.

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Some Tools and Tips to Improve Your Fundraising and Grant Reporting




Running fundraising campaigns and grant projects mean reports – lots and lots of reports. We are oh so familiar with how much work that means, so to make things easier for your team, here are a few tips and tools to make things more efficient.


Excel-ling in Excel

Reports, for most of us, means tons of Excel sheets. Let’s learn how to skip the grueling manual work we normally associate with Excel and learn how to make the most out of its range of features with a free course designed to upskill beginners or refresh intermediate users.

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Need the latest version of Excel? Eligible NGOs can request for Office 2019 Standard here

Need help installing your Office license? Get remote installation support here


Manage reports and data effectively with Power Bi

Are you drowning in spreadsheets already? Managing multiple reports can be a real pain, but thankfully Power Bi is here to not only help consolidate all of your data (even if they’re coming from multiple spreadsheets) into a single dashboard, but also enable you to create dynamic reports that can help you digest tons of data in a glimpse.

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How to get Power Bi? You can access Power Bi through Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Get assistance on accessing these for free or at a discount by contacting our experts here

Need an alternative to Power Bi? You may want to explore Tableau here



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