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Cloud Computing

Well before the recent shift to remote work, many nonprofits have benefited from the flexibility, accessibility, and collaborative capability of cloud storage at their organizations. There are a number of great options out there too. We've put together the table below to give you an at-a-glance view of some of the different features offered by solutions from Microsoft, Box, Google, and Amazon Web Services.


With the coronavirus outbreak, working from home has now been enforced among many offices to minimize the spread of the virus. If your organization is among the many who has implemented these safety precautions, we understand that maintaining productivity during these trying times can be difficult.

To help you maintain (or even improve) your productivity, here are essential solutions that can help you better communicate and collaborate with your remote colleagues:



Better fundraising starts here.

Let’s face it: Spreadsheets weren’t built to take on your organisation’s workflow. As a growing nonprofit, you need a smart donor management and fundraising solution -- one you can spend less time in but get more out. Blackbaud eTapestry is designed exclusively with the needs of growing nonprofits in mind.

Please note there is a minimum level of training and best practice consulting to successfully implement the solution. The level required will be mutual agreed after working with a Blackbaud consultant prior to signing of agreements.

For pre-sales questions, please register your interest and a Blackbaud consultant will be in touch within 2 days.


eTapestry Starter Online

Through TechSoup, organizations can access a 25% discount on the annual subscriptions for eTapestry, a cloud-based CRM and crowdfunding platform that enables organizations to effectively manage donor networks, create multi-channel marketing campaigns (i.e. email & social media), collect donations and generate real-time reports.

e-Tapestry comes in 3 different plans (Starter, Essentials & Pro) tailor-fit to meet the diverse needs of varying NGOs.

eTapestry Starter Online includes:

  • Unlimited Users
  • 3 Online Pages with connected Payment Processor
  • In-built email marketing
  • Self-import tool
  • Extensive support resources:
    • Email support
    • Recorded online training
    • Capability walk-throughs and help guides
    • Online community and forums

Details and Service Costs

All qualified organizations are eligible to receive 25% discount on their annual subscriptions for eTapestry Online. The package costs AUD 2,350 or AUD 195/month and it includes:

  • 1st year subscription worth AUD 1,550
  • Best Practice Instructor Led Start-up and 1st Campaign Template worth AUD 800

If you have questions/concerns about the package costs, we recommend registering your interest to talk to a Blackbaud consultant through here

Obtaining This Product

On completion of purchase Blackbaud will provide Standard Order with Scope of Works for Best Practice Instructor Led Start-up

Blackbaud will provide a sample Order Form and SOW that the Member can review prior to purchase

eTapestry Starter Online is an exclusive offer for TechSoup Asia-Pacific that can only be purchased through TechSoup's programs in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 

See eTapestry in Action.

For pre-sales questions, please register your interest and a Blackbaud consultant will be in touch within 2 days.

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From leave requests to reimbursements and everything in between, we all know how much work is required when such common admin documents are still processed on paper. What’s even worse, these documents can also be causes of inefficiency as these not only cost us money to print, but they can even get lost afterwards.

Available Country :
Donor & Discount Partners:
14 USD

IDCloudHost is a local web service provider based in Indonesia that offer a wide range of services including domain name registration and cloud hosting to name a few.

This donated package can only be availed once and is for Indonesia NGOs only. Any additional packages bought cannot be used on the same domain, and renewal of the domain and hosting should be arranged directly with IDCloudHost.

This would include one year registration of a custom domain name for your website and one year worth of cloud hosting to help support your website’s overall accessibility and availability.


Benefits for Organizations

You can use IDCloudHost’s web services to:

  • Improve your website’s overall search engine optimization (SEO) and be easily discovered by potential donors and supporters by providing it with a custom domain which can include NGO-specific extensions such as .org or
  • Keep your website online and minimize instances of web downtime through dedicated cloud hosting services


Major Features

The one-time offer would include 1-year worth of the following:

  • Your own custom website domain name which can include NGO-specific extensions such as .org or
  • IDCloudHost Elite-Pro cloud hosting, which includes the following specifications:


Retrieving the services

Once the admin fee for this request has been made, kindly follow the necessary steps to accomplish and retrieve the domain and cloud-hosting service:

  1. Forward the formal TechSoup receipt to
  2. Wait for 24-48 hours for IDCloudHost to communicate with your organization and to provide you with the instructions on where you will be forwarding the details and requirements to registered the desired domain

Note: Certain identification documents may be required from you such as organization registration documents and identification cards (e.g. Government IDs, Passports, etc.) as is traditionally required when registering a domain.


Subscription Renewal

This offer will be made available to Indonesian NGOs only once. Renewal after the first year will be arranged directly with IDCloudHost for the appropriate market price. Additional packages bought will be for a different domain since renewal should only be arranged with IDCloudHost directly.


Have you heard? Microsoft will be making significant changes to all free personal OneDrive accounts by 13 July 2016 – just a few weeks away from today. By then all new free accounts will strictly be limited to a maximum of 5 GB storage, and the previous perks of additional storage (e.g. free 15 GB for camera roll) will be discontinued.

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With a long list of features that nonprofits can possibly acquire for free, Office 365’s capacity to boost any nonprofit’s productivity and efficiency is truly undeniable. But with lingering questions related to the planning and implementation, a handful of nonprofits continue to hesitate in jumping to it.

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Are your staff spread across several locations? Do you have a limited budget for IT support like installations and upgrades? Are your staff and volunteers requesting to work from personal devices, such as their smartphones or tablets? Your charity might be ready to migrate to the cloud. But you might also have some trepidation about going completely online, especially if you're working with sensitive information.


What do you need to assess whether your organization is ready to migrate to the cloud? This article discusses the key questions you should ask to get started.

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This inaugural post highlights the big nonprofit technology stories of 2012, including making websites viewable on mobile phones, using mobile phones more in the workplace, cloud computing, social media fundraising, foundations and Microsoft donations, greater self-sufficiency among NGOs in developing countries, and some cutting edge things like hackathons. This was an original December blog post by TechSoup's Jim Lynch:

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